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ARTC North Coast Resurfacing

ARTC North Coast Resurfacing

ARTC North Coast

ARTC North Coast Resurfacing

Client: ARTC
Location: Australia

Construction period:

2018/2019 FY

Executing Company:

Rhomberg Rail Australia

Contract value:



Nature of the work

ARTC contracted Rhomberg Rail Australia (RRA) to provide the following services:

  • Plain track resurfacing
  • Track stabilising
  • Defect resurfacing
  • Ballast regulating
  • Pre work measurements
  • Post work track measurements
  • Track certification
  • Coordination of Signalling field support
  • Coordination of Signalling test plans
  • Daily electronic reporting

Project outcomes

The RRA resurfacing team exceeded targets continually during this project and recorded some impressive numbers at conclusion;

  • Total kms tamped = 156km
  • Incidents recorded = Zero
  • Near misses recorded = Zero
  • Hours of impacted train running = Zero
  • Total network length = 775km
  • Percentage of network tamped = 20%

Our Role

Rhomberg Rail Australia delivered the above services in order to improve track geometry and alignment, improving ride quality and removing track defects. The objective of the work was to complete all necessary resurfacing works without impacting train operations. 100% of the resurfacing scope was delivered by Rhomberg Rail under ATP conditions, Rhomberg Rail’s highly skilled operators were able to successfully deliver the works to an exceptional standard and without incident, near miss or delay.