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Branxton Weighbridge IVES and V-TRAS Installation

Branxton Weighbridge IVES and V-TRAS Installation

Slab Track and Transition Installation

Branxton Weighbridge IVES and V-TRAS Installation

Branxton Weighbridge IVES and V-TRAS Installation

Client: ARTC
Location: Branxton NSW, Australia

Construction period:


Executing Company:

Rhomberg Rail Australia

Contract value:

2.5 M AUD


Nature of Work

ARTC and their customers wanted to upgrade their existing weighbridge system to include a high-speed weighbridge capable of capturing data with trains running at 80 kph. A ballasted track system was determined to be unsuitable due to the excessive settlement and top issues that occur over time causing the coal wagons to bounce and sway resulting in inaccurate weighbridge readings. Rhomberg Rail was engaged to offer its proprietary IVES and VTRAS system as an innovative solution for this project. A trail was undertaken at Branxton in the Hunter Valley.

Project Outcomes

The project commenced during the June long weekend possession where Rhomerg Rail was required to undertake a 220m double track recon. In order to ensure suitable foundations for the weighbridge system, the recon depth was 2.1 m under the weighbridge track.

Work continued across three subsequent throughout the year. During the August shutdown, Rhomberg Rail installed the precast IVES transition slab and V-TRAS support beam (the abutments at either end of the weighbridge system). This was completely new to Rhomberg worldwide as the abutments for the V-TRAS system in Europe are cast in-situ. During the October possession Rhomberg Rail’s Hunter Valley team completed a further two layers of asphalt before reinstating the track. Finally, in November, Rhomberg Rail removed the existing ballasted track, installed the final layer of asphalt, the IVES system, and the V-TRAS system within the allocated 96- hour possession to complete all works on the system.

Despite the very tight timeframe, work was completed seven hours ahead of the possession deadline. The first train rolled over the completely renewed section at 07:30 am. 

Our Role

Rhomberg Rail carried out early reconditioning works to ensure the subgrade was prepared to meet the design specifications and settlement tolerances for installation. The IVES and VTRAS system was then installed over three consecutive possessions.

The IVES system for this project employs the use of large prefabricated concrete blocks, which are placed onto 300mm of purposely-designed asphalt. The rail is fastened to the blocks using the Vossloh Rail Fastening System, which are grouted into place using a high strength, low shrinkage grout. The V-TRAS system is a ladder type structure that sits within the ballast and on top of an abutment at the end of the IVES system. It provides a smooth transition from the flexible ballasted track system to the rigid IVES track system.