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Mount Pleasant Operations

Mount Pleasant Operations

Rail Loop Construction

Mount Pleasant Operations

Mount Pleasant Operations



BGC Contracting as part of the MACH Energy,
Mt Pleasant Operations

Type of contract:

Lump Sum


Muswellbrook, Hunter Valley, Australia

Construction period:

2016 - 2018

Executing Company:

Rhomberg Rail Australia

Contract value:

9.4 M AUD

Nature of work

MACH Energy sought to design and construct a new single branchline off the Muswellbrook to Ulan mainline, leading to a rail loop at MTP in order to allow access to the new Train Load Out (TLO) facility. Compliance with the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) was required as well as compliance with the subsequent standards and requirements, for tie-in with the mainline and the rail loop.

BGC contracting won the tender to deliver the rail loop and subsequently selected Rhomberg Rail for the specialized track construction.


Project outcomes

The main line turnout tie in was conducted within the ARTC rail corridor and during possessions. The scope was completed with high quality and efficiency resulting with no impacts on operations.

Rhomberg Rail completed additional scope on behalf of the client to mitigate risks with working inside the rail corridor and improve the overall construction program.

Technical advice and industry leadership was supplied to resolve design, procurement and installation issues, mitigating impacts to the program and project costs.

This project required flexibility to enable adjustments to methodologies and sequencing when access was constrained whilst meeting customer needs.


Our role

Rhomberg Rail Australia’s scope was to supply and deliver services for the construction of the 6.8km balloon loop and associated works. This included supply and installation of 60kg rail, heavy duty concrete sleepers, two turnouts and a catchpoint. Also included was a public level crossing with STRAIL crossings and a private passive level crossing with steel panels with temporary ballast construction crossings for the duration of project.

Rhomberg Rail also undertook extensive earthworks and drainage works inside the existing rail corridor to assist the Client. This involved construction of access roads, cess drainage, installation of concrete culverts and headwalls, spoil removal and clearing.