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Rhomberg Sersa Australia has established a reputation as one of the leaders in client infrastructure maintenance and management. Our abilities in track design through to track construction and commissioning means that we have a clear insight into the requirements of private sector rail infrastructure owners.


With the expertise and experience to deliver rail infrastructure comes a well-developed ability to determine the optimal maintenance program to ensure the asset achieves maximum utilisation at the minimum of ongoing cost. Rhomberg Sersa Australia has asset management resources, multiple track inspectors and crews trained and resourced to carry out routine maintenance and major periodic maintenance works.

What we can do for you:

Asset Management

Our systems have been designed to comply with all Australian and International Engineering Standards to ensure that the rail asset is maintained to requirements. Forward maintenance budget worksheets and cost to benefit ratios for the variety of asset maintenance options are built in to enable transparency of the management of the asset.

Routine Maintenance

Maintenance routines are designed to ensure flexibility to recognise the varying load usage of the rail asset. Highly skilled, experienced and qualified staff work to proven inspection routines to ensure that faults and rectifications are carried out before adverse effects occur.

Major periodic maintenance

Full advisory and construction services for track upgrades which includes formation reconditioning, sleeper and rail renewal, junction renewals and refurbishments, high performance track reconstruction and maintenance resurfacing, welding and CWR adjustment, track recording, inspection and certification.


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