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Rhomberg Sersa Australia is the market leader in rail resurfacing in Australia. We have an extensive fleet of high speed, on track equipment operated by teams of highly skilled professionals.


Our machines are at the forefront of rail technology and deliver unparalleled productivity and quality of output. We have the machines to accelerate projects and increase maintenance productivity to meet demanding deadlines while providing top quality track geometry.

What we can do for you:

Rhomberg Sersa Australia offers the best resurfacing solutions:

  • track tamping, lifting and lining controlled by ALC automatic guiding computer for maintenance and construction of new railway track and turnouts
  • ballast management and regulating
  • dynamic track stabilisation
  • management of ballast cleaning
  • delivery of top quality track geometry after major maintenance works like re-sleepering, re-railing, ballast cleaning or formation renewal
  • track recording and certification of finished track
  • track geometry recording trolleys (PLASMA)

A key feature of the Rhomberg Sersa Australia´s capability is our inventory of major railway related plant and equipment which has the capacity to deliver first class quality, accelerate projects and increase maintenance productivity to meet demanding deadlines. Rhomberg Sersa Australia owns major railway plant including:

09-3X Dynamic

Triple sleeper plain track continuous tamping machine with dynamic stabiliser


Triple sleeper plain track continuous tamping machine


Dual sleep plain track continuous tamping machine


08/275 Unimat

Turnout and plain track tamper with 3rd rail lifting

Unimat 08-475 4S

Turnout Tamping Machine with integrated Ballast Management (3-rail lifting, concrete bearer)



Dynamic Track Stabiliser and Ballast Regulator.

Ballast Regulator
SSP 305 Ballast Regulator
SSP 303 Ballast Regulator
SSP 100 Ballast Regulator
High Rail Excavators

with full range of attachments

Telescopic Load Handler

with full range of attachments

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